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About Us

YUBISO dedicated to be global consumer friends. We aim to forge a true friendship between consumers and manufacturers. All these while most business entities always take big chunk of produscts and consumers are left where no one taking care of. We tend to reversethe cycle by prioritize our consumers first! Becoming consumer’s best friends in our YUBISO World.


YUBISO emphasize on 3 main core value in his practice: Quality, Fashion and Low Price. YUBISO is proud in bringing quality goods from products designers all across the world and manufactureit in very large quantity so that YUBISO managed to achieve his target low price before mass distribute to YUBISO global stores.

Most of YUBISO products are from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. YUBISO pay close attentions in their products management and quality before any contract is given. Most of YUBISO outlets are located in large shopping centers so that we are close to consumer’s lifestyle. We would never changeour motto and stick to be consumers best friends.